The Commission of Regional and Urban Economy of the Association of Economists of Catalonia, together with other Commissions of the Association, is holding a cycle of conferences on the impact of the Covid-19 in urban planning and management of metropolitan areas. The sessions pivot on the fronts and economic sectors that converge in urban economy (health, freight transport, airport and tourism, real estate operators, social housing, retail, passenger mobility, etc.).

The firt and the second sessions, moderated by Miquel Morell, pivot about the health in cities and freight transport. The first session has involved Mr. Joan Clos and Mr. Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen, and in the second session participated Mr. Joan Font and Mr. Ignasi Ragàs. The third session, moderated by Mr. Ignasi Ragàs, witch was based on airport sector and turistic flows, involved Mr. Jordi Candela and Mr. Miquel Ros.

Session 1 Health and cities:

Session 2 Cities and freight transport:

Session 3 Airport sector and touristic flows:


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