On November 7th, the XXV Conference of Economists “Young people and the future: training, employment and emancipation” was held. The conference, wich was held online for the very first time, revolved around young people, presenting current problems and future challenges that arise for this substratum of society.

On this day, the Commission for Territorial and Urban Economy of the Association of Economists of Catalonia organized the session entitled “Housing and emancipation of the young people”, introduced and presented by Mr. Joan Ràfols and Mr. Miquel Morell, which included the collaboration of Mrs. Elena Ruiz, president of the Spanish Younth Council, Mr. Ramón Ruiz, CEO of Visoren, and Mr. Jaume Font, director of the Catalan Housing Agency.

The presentation can be viewed at the following link:

Canal Youtube: Economistescat – YouTube