On April 19, the conference The bureaucratic viscosity of urbanism. “defensive” Public Administration was held, organized by the Spanish Association of Urban Planning Technicians (AETU), the Catalan Association of Urban Planning Technicians (ACTU) and the Illustrious College of Advocacy of Barcelona (ICAB).

Detailed regulation aimed at preventing speculation and corruption, while at the same time providing legal certainty, has led to the enormous complexity of administrative processing and decision-making, to the detriment of efficiency. Added to this is the link between the planning and management process and economic cycles. Their connection in time is completely impossible, which leads to the obsolescence of plans and the loss of opportunities for economic activity.

The conference was attended by Miquel Morell, who presented The defensive bureaucracy, the time factor and the inescapable urgencies, together with Mr. José Maria Ezquiaga, President of AETU, Mr. José Maria Baño, professor of administrative law at the UCM, Mr. Gabriel Capilla, PhD in Administrative Law and Urban Planning from the UAO-CEU, Mr. Cristóbal Martell, criminal lawyer, Mr. Ángel Marinero, secretary general of the environment, housing and territorial planning of the Junta de Castilla y León, and Mr. Juli Ponce, Professor of Administrative Law at the UB.