Miquel Morell participates in the conference The economic future and resilience of the Eixample. What an economic model for the Eixample and the metropolis: from tourism to innovation in the the cycle of debates Eixample and the metropolis of Barcelona Conference: a crossroads of futures, held on 13 and 14 July in the city of Barcelona.

The aim of the conferences were to address current issues such as the environmental transformation that its streets are undergoing, the mobility model that will predominate in the near future and the role that the Eixample must play in the metropolitan economy.

The session, coordinated by Artur Zanon, head of section at the newspaper Expansión, was also attended by Mireia Belil, director of Bora Kasi, former director of the Universal Forum of Cultures Foundation and former director of United Nations Global Compact Barcelona Center, Ramon Gras, urban innovation researcher at Harvard University and co-founder of Aretian, and Alfonso Vegara, president of Metropolis Foundation and author of the book Territorios Inteligentes.

The conference can ve viewed at the following link:


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