Miquel Morell participates as a speaker in the day-debate organized by the Association of Urban Architects of Catalonia (AAUC) of the College of Architects of Catalonia to discuss the land value of affordable housing for rent derived from the amendments introduced by the recent Decree Law 17/2019, of 23 December, on urgent measures to improve access to housing.

The session was presented by Assumpció Puig (dean of the College of Architects of Catalonia) and was moderated by Georgina Vázquez, member of Professional Exercise of the AAUC Board and Sebastià Jornet, urban architect.

The day was attended by Ramon Forcada, director of the Directorate of Strategic Analysis of INCASÒL (Generalitat de Catalunya), Josep Maria Carreras, director of the Area of Development of Urban Policies of the AMB, Cristina Yuste, head of the Department of Technical Support and Valuations of the Municipal Institute of Urbanism of Barcelona City Council, Ricard Casademont, architect and Jordi Duatis, architect.