Technical handbook for financing planned city extension and planned city infill, UN-Habitat

Commissioned by UN-Habitat, PROMO is the main author and co-author of several methodological handbooks about the economic and financial contents of urban planning.

These methodological handbooks aim to build a line of argument to analyse the financial feasibility of urban planning.

They deal with fundamental issues, such as the various elements involved in the plan execution, a clear definition of who is who in the transformation process, the impact that supply and demand behaviour might have on this analysis, the financial cost and the cost of capital, the plan in stages and the time sequence of the plan as a key variable for decision-making.

These methodological handbooks have been drawn up on the basis of the needs detected in the regions with the greatest presence of UN-Habitat, which implies a bias towards societies in which population mobility is very high and with a very considerable rural-urban migration element, in contrast to relatively incipient urban development and regional planning.

The great variety of cultural models, economic structures and the exercise of political power has compelled us to find the most cross-cutting concepts able to withstand the variety of international cultures and contexts within the discipline of urban development.



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