Economic and financial feasibility and economic and financial sustainability report on the modification of the Strategic Residential Areas in the Baix Llobregat area (Strategic Residential Area Montesa)

  • Housing floor area (M2) 175.232
  • Business floor area (M2) 46.532
  • Homes (N) 2.105
  • Current income proposed new town (euros) 1.760.924
  • Maintenance cost proposed new town (euros) 968.031
  • Current one-off income proposed new town (euros) 4.188.363
  • Civil works (Basic facilities and other costs, euros) 43.230.877

The metropolitan area of Barcelona has various land reserves for increasing residential housing, half of which is intended to be used to meet social needs.

ARE Montesa is the first large area of land reserve for housing in the metropolitan area that has started to undergo transformation.

As an investment project, with ARE Montesa we were able to combine competing public interests (focused on the urban development proposal, on the reserve of 50% of the housing for social purposes, and on the future sustainability of the sector) and the private sector (focused on the impact of land transformation costs and the marketing sequence for products aimed at the end customer).

Within the private sector, it was also necessary to reconcile the leaning of each interest group so that the different paths of the investment dynamics can fit with the possibilities and interests of each stakeholder.

This economic management takes place in parallel with the economic and financial evaluation of the project, as well as the process of distributing costs and benefits.

Sound economic and financial support throughout the project is therefore the key to its success.


ARE Montesa Compensation Board

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