Economic and financial feasibility and economic and financial sustainability of the Urban Master Plan of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona MPGM in an area of land owned by FC Barcelona in the district of Les Corts.

  • MPGM floor area (M2) 286.350
  • Camp Nou floor area (M2) 166.228
  • Palau Blaugrana floor area (M2) 49.591
  • Tertiary sector and offices floor area (M2) 16.000
  • Hotel floor area (M2) 9.500
  • Business floor area (M2) 2.500
  • Sporting facilities floor area (M2) 3.000
  • Civil works (Basic facilities and other costs, euros) 31.210.969

The Espai Barça project is set around the series of sports facilities and equipment owned by FC Barcelona in the Les Corts district, in the city centre of Barcelona.

FC Barcelona has been refurbishing all its sports facilities for several years, a project that has involved reorganising the entire Espai Barça in the Les Corts district and transferring part of the sports activities to the FC Barcelona Ciutat Esportiva, located in the municipality of Sant Joan Despí.

The most emblematic urban development operation is clearly the refurbishing of Barça’s facilities in the centre of the city of Barcelona. This project has been carried out through a Urban Master Plan Modification (General Metropolitan Plan) in which solutions have had to be sought for matching public and private interests.

PROMO has accompanied FC Barcelona over the last few years in the formulation and management of this urban project in its economic dimension until its final approval.

The common ground between public and private interests has been achieved, among other factors, through economic and financial evaluation of the MPGM, through comparative analysis of the economic performance before and after the planning modification that has now been approved, and through analysis of the impact of the operation on municipal finances.



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