Land Use Values of the Urban Improvement Plan PMU focusing on the block bounded by the streets of Puigcerdà, Veneçuela, Pallars and Maresme (22@)

  • Total 22@ office floor area (M2) 30.896
  • Protected housing floor area (m2) 3.433
  • Number of social housing ('VPO', N) 43
  • Resulting urban development (euros) 21.000.000

Calculation and establishment of the land impact value on the different uses foreseen in the Urban Improvement Plan and calculation of the total urban development in the sector.

Among other things, the 22@ project aims to transform the old industrial areas of Poblenou into a high-quality environment in which to work, live and learn.

The 22@ area comprises 198.26 hectares of land, 1,159,626 m2 of which is 22@ land, forming a discontinuous area in the Sant Martí district, and which is intended to be used to create a building floor area of 4 million m2 (3.2 million for production activities).

This land area, which entails the entire south eastern part of the city, between Gran Via and Ronda Litoral, and between Vila Olímpica and La Rambla Prim, occupies an area equivalent to 115 blocks of Barcelona’s Eixample district and an east to west section between La Rambla Prim and Calle Marina equivalent to 3.25 km.

This regional scale and size of the 22@ makes it necessary to identify the different markets that exist in the area.


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